doctor patient communication essay topic

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doctor patient communication essay topic

Guest Post: A Doctor on Transvaginal Ultrasounds – Whatever

Guest Post: A Doctor on Transvaginal Ultrasounds – Whatever

A friend of mine is a physician who wants to speak about transvaginal ultrasounds but whose position makes it precarious to speak publicly about it. So I ...
doctor patient communication essay topic

One of my patients was a man named jack, a 78-year-old who had been ill for years and undergone about 15 major surgical procedures. They respected the choices i made on her behalf. Id bet there are more doctors who feel this way and just plan to keep it between themselves and their patients, as it should be.

Weirdly, that position is usually defended by politicians, pundits, and pastors, not physicians. At this point in my life i am just glad i am past my reproductive years and i lived in a more enlightened era. The patient had end stage multiple myeloma and i dont remember the complication that landed her in intensive care.

Its the way families treat each other in that time period around death. Physicians are trained to gather information without revealing any of their own feelings, but in private, among fellow doctors, theyll vent. See the example i gave of my aunt, just one example. Would you care to drop by and apologize to the guest poster for calling himher a liar? Wont hold my breath waiting, but it would be the classy thing to do.

How Doctors Die - Nexus - Zócalo Public Square

Years ago, Charlie, a highly respected orthopedist and a mentor of mine, found a lump in his stomach. He had a surgeon explore the area, and the diagnosis ...

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  • doctor patient communication essay topic

    Patients & Consumers | Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality -...
    Getting more involved with your health care by asking questions, talking to your clinician, and understanding your condition help to reduce the risk of errors and ...

    Many people think of cpr as a reliable lifesaver when, in fact, the results are usually poor. That will be handled by a radiologic technologist and the md only has to look at pictures. One of the reasons i am so enraged and disgusted by the transvaginal ultrasound law in texas is because it was the physicians who challenged it in court, on freedom of speech grounds.

    If youre a doctor just coming out of medical school, would you want to practice in a state where procedures are dictated on a political instead of a medical basis? Laws like these are going to result in a shortage of obgyn physicians in those areas in 5-10 years, but by then itll be too late to do anything about it. In 1939, one of uvas leading eugenicists became dean of medicine, and influenced the thought of doctors in that state for decades. That patient had excellent insurance, by the way, and those horrifying weeks generated a stupefyingly high bill.

    I am an ophthalmologist, not a critical care physician, but in my field too, there are a number of conditions where treatments are offered or pushed down the throat by the system to preserve or increase the vision of these patients. At this point in my life i am just glad i am past my reproductive years and i lived in a more enlightened era. Torch was a sports nut, and he was very happy to watch sports and eat my cooking. The human body is a wonderfully complex, adaptive and restorative system.

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